Naked Cowboys: What's the Appeal?

There's no doubt about it, many women have got a "thing" for cowboys, specifically, naked cowboys. For some women, the very idea of a man in chaps and cowboy hat, showing off his tanned muscles and enormous dick is absolute heaven.

So what's the appeal?

Is it the allure of the old country legends, of cowboys as lonesome, strong men with deep feelings, riding off on the trail to an unknown destiny? Is it the idea that a cowboy can't be tamed, that he wants the freedom of open country? Maybe the cowboy is a symbol of old fashioned maleness, of pure testosterone... of a man who knows what he wants and can take it easily?

Many women indulge in fantasies of being made love to by a handsome cowboy beneath the stars, or next to a roaring fire. Or even picked up and carried off by a lusty cowboy, eager to experience her feminine charms.

In any case, the naked cowboy is a much-loved female fantasy, and doesn't look like disappearing into the sunset anytime soon.

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