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Mark Roberts, Professional Streaker

Mark Roberts from Liverpool, England is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most prolific streaker, having performed around 300 streaks so far. Otherwise unemployed, Mark has made it his life's work to get publicly naked at as many major events as possible. At time of writing, his list of nude appearances is quite impressive.

In 2003 alone he streaked at Royal Ascot racecourse, the International Synchronised Swimming Event in Barcelona, the Tour de France, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, the French Open tennis championship, and numerous soccor matches. At Wimbledon in July 2000 he streaked during a match featuring Anna Kournikova. Anna's response was to hide under a sweaty towel, which was not the look the upskirt photographers were hoping for. Roberts has also streaked on a floating weather map, at a Mr Universe event, and a Liberal Democrats political meeting. He has been banned from every sporting event in Britain.

Mark has also appeared in a commercial in which he runs onto a soccer pitch fully clothed, and all the other players are naked. The Athletico Bilbao ad actually won a Cannes Film Festival award.

At time of writing his most recent streak was at the US Super Bowl on February 1 2004. He made it onto the field wearing a referee's outfit which he promptly stripped off, and danced around nude before being tackled by a New England linebacker. He had casino advertising writing on his chest and back, along with the words "Super Bowel." Considering the intense security of the event, his streak was an impressive achievement in avoiding security. He was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and public intoxication.

Mark makes use of a specially prepared velcro-seamed outfit similar to that used by strippers.  "The clothes come off in a split second and I'm off.  It's called professionalism," he laughingly told Streakers, a documentary about running in the nude.

"Why do I streak? It's a buzz. If I didn't get the crowd reaction every time I go on a pitch or jump out of an audience, if you don't get the buzz, there's no point, because the point of a streak is humour - to make people laugh.  And in the 7 years I've been doing it, it's the same reaction every time.

"People come up to me in the street, even policemen and say 'I love what you're doing'. It's supposed to be illegal, but it's just a laugh and the police see it as a laugh.  And the magistrates in court laugh.

"Another streak which I very much enjoyed was the Grand National, which I won by a length, by the way." Painted with the words Raw Hide and wearing only a cowboy hat, fake Mexican moustache and cap guns, he was surrounded by over 15 policemen.  "When they came after me I started shooting them... I went to the police station and I'd got to know the policeman behind the desk pretty well.  He said: 'You again, Mark?  I don't want to charge you, but what's it going to take to stop you streaking?'  I said 'When they bring back hanging.'"

"If I have to go to jail for my belief, then I'll go to jail.  If I do see a sporting event that I think is a cracking opportunity to do a streak that hasn't been done before, I'll break the ban and I'll do it, even if it means 28 days.  I'll go to jail and I'll probably do a streak in jail.

"I've never known a feeling like it.  I'm not saying it as a nutcase, or anything like that.  It's a feeling that needs to be experienced by people just to see what it's like.  It's unbelievable.

- Various news reports, and the documentary Streakers
This article appears in a different form at Streakerama

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