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Welcome to Naked Men News!

This site aims to create a handy archive or recent news articles about naked men. Ideally these items should be amusing, quirky or sexy - we're not interested in document criminal or disturbed behaviour. We also have longer articles about nude men who have featured prominently in the news, as well as a directory for those who are looking for pictures of naked men. Enjoy the site!

Naked Men News Articles

The Naked Rambler - the most notorious nudist in Britain

Naked Campaigner Upsets BBC - Steve Gough in an earlier incarnation

Mark Roberts, Professional Streaker - Mark has streaked more than 300 times

Naked Photographer Nabbed - flasher finally arrested.

Naked Protests Against the War In Iraq - which men got naked, and where.

German Nudists at War - "wild nudists" a problem

Vincent Bethell - Nude Warrior - nudity activist

The Naked Art of Spencer Tunick - massive nude "installations" and their photographer

Naked Men Musicals - why nude males are better when they sing

Puppetry of the Penis - naked men performing "penis installations

The "Naked Guy, Andrew Martinez - famous nudist from Berkeley, California

Other Naked Men Articles

Naked Men in Art - the male nude

When is a Naked Man Photo a Naked Man Photo for Women? - defining women's erotica

Naked Men - Musings about nude men 

Naked Men in Film - Full frontal male nudity in the movies, and why we don't see more of it

Naked Men and Crime - Why Naked Men News doesn't report these stories

Naked Men at Streakerama - a quick page about naked men with links to sites.

Naked Men - an article at Ms Naughty Porn for Women

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Naked Men Books

Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955 by David Leddick

Naked Life by Julian Hargreaves



Recent Naked Men News

Did you spot naked men?
Site asks readers if they spotted five men running nude at night.

Who is the naked man in the bushes watching Sienna Miller?
Metro reveals a nude guy in the background of a photo

No clothes no problem at BCA
Three separate plays feature full frontal male nudity in Boston.

Scottish Islanders upset by nude surfers stunt
The folks of Barra didn't like 3 naked men running down their beach runway

Streaker hits Toronto school
A 36 year old man ran naked through a school as the bell rang in the morning

Helen Mirren knitted a scarf for her "naked man" Oscar
The actress felt the statue was too nude and cold

Naked threesome gives motorists and eyeful
A naked man and his female partners got it on in public in a car in Canada

Buck streaks nude at Moruya racetrack
A male streaker caused the race to be declared null

Pantless man in big hurry for coffee
Half naked from the waist down, man orders coffee and drives off without change.

Japanese dance at festival reveals naked truths
Features a naked man dangling by his feet from unseen supports against a deep blue sky

Naked men at Sex Workers Art Show
Nude guy poses in paddling pool with a sparkler up his ass.

Naked man balloon amuses the Milanese - giant inflatable nude scuplture of an artist
- Italians bewildered by 21 metre naked man
- It's a floating naked guy!

Londoners feast their eyes on naked men - Anthony Gormley's sculptures arrive

Naked men! - Playwright Ronnie Larsen knows how to get attention...

Charity fields complaints over naked man posters - British Heart Foundation ad features nude guy

Naked man superglued to exercise bike - Burglars ransacked house

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