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Naked Men and Crime

The vast majority of news items involving naked men usually report that the man was either involved in some kind of crime, or he was suffering from mental problems.

Often a naked man is arrested for appearing nude in a public place, and acting in a strange manner. Like the man who walked naked into a bank and fell asleep on a couch. Or the man who wandered around a grocery store naked, saying he wanted to be arrested.

Mental illness seems to be a factor in a large majority of these cases. Psychosis leads to illogical or antisocial behaviour, and removing clothes in public can easily be a result of this.

Occasionally alcohol or drugs are a factor, because they remove inhibitions surrounding nudity.

Other news items involving naked men are far more sinister. Usually these are flashers, rape cases, or other forms of sexual assault. In these instances, the nudity is offensive.

Naked Men News does not keep track of these kinds of stories. Firstly because they are (unfortunately) far too common, but also because they are serious and do not need to be "glorified" by this site.

The intent of Naked Men News is to present positive, quirky or humorous instances of naked men.

News Articles

Bank's Naked Napper Gets Rude Awakening - 6 Sep 2003

Naked man arrested at grocery - 16 Mar 2004


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