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The "Naked Guy" - Andrew Martinez

Andrew Martinez rose to fame in the early 90s for his refusal to wear clothes on the campus of Berkeley Campus of the University of California. He maintained that the mild climate of California did not give occasion for the wearing of clothing.

Martinez first appeared nude in 1992, often jogging naked and attending lectures wearing only sandals and a backpack. He was arrested for indecent exposure several times but was not prosecuted. University officials were horrified and promptly banned nudity on campus. Martinez then began to use his nudity as a protest against what he saw as social conformity and authoritarianism.

He wrote about his philosophy in the Oakland Tribune. "When I walk around nude, I am acting how I think it is reasonable to act, not how middle-class values tell me I should act. I am refusing to hide my dissent in normalcy even though it is very easy to do so."

Other nudists on campus supported his cause, organising several nude protests and performances. He also gained notoriety in the wider media and appeared in a pictorial for Playgirl magazine.

He was eventually expelled from Berkeley and never finished his studies. Soon after he developed symptoms of mental illness, a problem which plagued him for the rest of his life.

Andrew Martinez was arrested for assault in January 2006 and placed in a maximum security cell at Santa Clara County jail. He committed suicide on May 18, 2006.

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