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Naked Photographer Nabbed

A "flasher" who has had Ohio police frustrated for months was finally arrested on December 4 2003, completely naked.

Since April 2002 there had been 39 reports of women being harassed by a naked man who would leap out, take their photo then run, apparently keeping the snapshot of their shocked faces as a memento.

Luck finally ran out for Stephen Linnen, 33, after he flashed a woman in the basement laundry of a Columbus apartment building. She immediately alerted the police, who caught the perpetrator not long afterwards. He was wearing only a cap, sunglasses and sneakers, and police found a camera in a nearby bin.

A search of his home revealed the offending photographs. Linnen has been charged with indecency and assault. Police from neigbouring Gahanna also charged him with gross sexual imposition and abduction in relation to another previous incident.

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"A man accused of being the ``naked photographer'' who ambushed women in the nude and took photos of their shocked expressions pleaded guilty Monday to 53 counts as part of a plea agreement."



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