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Naked Men: Musings

I like naked men. Which is lucky because I look at them all day!

I spend my days looking at photos of naked men, deciding if they are worthy of including on my adult site for women.

I enjoy looking at these photos because a naked man is a thing of beauty. There is nothing hidden, nothing shameful. Every man is different and perfect in his own way. 

Too often women are denied the chance to look at naked men. Our society has done its best to hide the penis from view. Naked women are standard in films and sometimes on TV, but full frontal male nudity is a rarity. Feminists say this is because seeing the penis as it is takes away its power, and its mystery.

As far as I'm concerned, this tradition has meant that women have to learn to appreciate the penis. Only decades ago a woman never had a chance to see a naked man until she was married, and often it was a frightening experience.

There remains a prevailing idea that naked men are not as inherently aesthetic or beautiful in the way that a naked woman is. This is essentially a result of the societal pressure to keep the penis hidden. It is not true in any sense.

Today it is easier to encounter naked men, mainly on the internet. More sites are recognising that women want to look at photos of naked men, and offering them that choice. This means that today's woman can appreciate that a naked man is beautiful, that a penis is just a penis, but it is erotic, sexy, well shaped and individual.

This site aims not only to present the latest in naked men news, but also to offer links and photos for those interested and aroused by viewing naked men. Enjoy the site.


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