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Naked men allowed to stay on the beach - Anthony Gormley's nude sculptures will have a permanent home at a Liverpool beach.

Paper publishes fake Gucci ad of naked man - Con artist gets a 2 page spread

Greased, naked man in cafeteria - "That prank went a little farther than he intended, I guess."

Beautiful naked man on a treadmill fails to entertain or alarm - French performance art not so great.

Naked men popular portrait subject - The Moran Prize for art sees plenty of nude male subjects.

Mischa dumps her naked man? - Mischa Barton found a photo of her boyfriend nude on the internet

Why Ancient Greeks are always nude - A look at why male nudity was common

Naked jogger on the loose in park - the man is polite and does nothing other than run in the buff.

Sexing up the male athlete - nude calendars featuring sports stars are popular

Teen ordering nude in drive-throughs - Young man drove naked through McDonalds for a bet.

Naked man on crack rescued from alligator - the headline says it all.

Naked man soap is big in Japan - "She said, 'We think maybe it's slightly naughty,'"

Woman sues Borat for elevator nudity - "I was the only woman in an elevator with four men, two of whom were naked."

Yorkshire naked calendar sells well - "Rawcliffe Men in the Raw" goes off. Challenges You To Stop The Fat Naked Man From Dancing - Competition to encourage searchers

Naked man arrested with concealed weapon - Screwdriver concealed in buttocks

When naked men attack - man says he was robbed by nude male strippers

Grin and bare it - Animal Shelter creates all-male nude calendar

Seattle commuters enjoy naked men - Train passes a male nude beach

Naked Rambler gets a prison term - and Steve Gough still won't get dressed

Cosmo celebrates its naked men - 10 years of naked male centerfolds

Naked men try to calm a volcano - Villagers conduct rituals around Indonesia's Mount Merapi

How to read a naked man - The male nude in art and sculpture

The "naked guy" dies in jail - Nudism activist Andrew Martinez takes his own life

Male strippers sue police - Forced to strip naked, money taken.

Naked man found wedged in chimney - Nude resident is locked out and tries to re-enter via chimney

Men enjoy naked yoga classes - Male-only nude yoga sessions are popular in Vancouver

Elderly nudist "disgusts" cop - 75 year old man arrested for being naked on "unofficial" nude beach.

Naked offender too slippery for court - Well-endowed naked cyclist and jogger wanted by police

Alcohol, nudity lead to rockers' arrests - Naked man was running around the Comfort Suites hotel

Witness the alternative to hand puppets - Interview with Puppetry of the Penis

Swayze tops bare-chested poll - Best "on screen nearly naked man moment"

Naked Rambler jailed for contempt - Judge rules that having a naked man in court is offensive

Unwrapping the truth about men and nudity - Poll finds women want to see Matthew McConaughey and other male celebrities naked.

Man driving naked crashes into partked cars - Police aren't sure why the man got naked to go driving

Male nude exhibition opens - Student opens exhibition of digital prints of naked men

Naked Rambler completes his trek - Yep, he finally made it to John O'Groats

Rammstein video features naked men - Heavy metal band's video has the band nude surrounded by a mass of naked men.

Spencer Tunick covers naked men in chocolate - Installation artist covers 70 men in Belgian chockie

Naked rowers cross Atlantic - Two British men spent most of their time nude to avoid sores while making their voyage

Lions club do 2007 nude calendar - Men from a New Hampshire Lions club will get naked for a charity calendar

Naked men raise cash for Lakedell library - another naked calendar

The naked truth about male stripping - interviews with male nude dancers

Sheriff gives Naked Rambler a dressing down - the judicial anger continues...

Naked Germans jump into freezing lake - naked men and women get into the Christmas spirit

Streaking man gave police slip - Naked man streaks in shopping mall

Naked Rambler angers sheriff - Nudist activist is jailed in Scotland

Billboard with logo over naked man's doodle is banned - advertising standards association not happy with nude man.

Group bares all in memory of Frances - local men get naked for charity calendar

Cherie poses with naked man - Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair posed for pictures with a naked man on a beach.

Naked men feature at Pride parade - At the Totally Naked Toronto booth on Church Street, about half a dozen naked men stood around just hanging out.

You've got male - Full frontal male nudity is on the increase

Students naked in Newport - 40 male rugby players streaked

Naked Rambler sets off again with girlfriend - Nudist makes his second attempt to walk the length of Britain totally nude.

"Naked Zorro" photo released - A nude man who has been flashing people while wearing a black mask is being sought by police.

Sesame Street Streaking - Two naked men streaked at White Castle, one wearing a Big Bird mask.

Nude male art exhibition opens - Men Without Suits: Objectifying the American Male Body opens at the Museum of Sex.

Naked man statue finds new home - A controversial Canadian artwork has been moved from the traffic roundabout where it was causing accidents.

Eminem appears naked in video - 16 Sep. The rap star ran naked through the streets of Los Angeles during the filming of his latest music video.

"Topless" men in Manila banned - 13 Sep. Construction workers will be ordered offsite if they work without a shirt.

Naked man in pro hunt protest - 13 Sep. A naked man impersonated Tony Blair in a protest against the banning of fox hunting.

Naked man was dead, not sleeping - 11 Sep. A nudist lay dead on a beach for hours because people thought he was asleep.

Naked Boys Singing not for Republicans - 24 Aug. The show was dropped from the list of discounted tickets available to convention goers.

The Barest Generation - a look at male nudity in the 1940's, up to today.

Naked people spotted in Fremont Parks - 16 Jul. "Two naked men were running around Clemmons Park clucking and waving their arms like chickens..."

Naked man gets stuck under gate - 6 Jul. A drunk naked man from Oslo thought he'd sneak under a gate and got stuck.

Man pumps gas without pants - 29 Jun. A motorist pulled up to the pumps, and pulled down his pants.

Farrell's manhood too distracting for audiences - 23 Jun. A shot of Colin Farrell's penis has been edited out of the film A Home at the End of the World

Super Bowl streaker gets $1000 fine - 23 Jun. Mark Roberts was convicted of trespass and was fined $1000.

Olympians reveal all - 22 Jun. Australian Olympic athletes have posed nude, including Michael Klim and Geoff Huegill

"10 Naked Men" play opens - 18 Jun.

Naked men shows not obscene - 4 Jun. Strip clubs have alleged that shows with male nudity such as Puppetry of the Penis were given preferential treatment.

Naked man sues Absolut - 4 Jun. The nude male model in the wildly popular Absolut billboard is suing the company.

Look! There's a naked man in the museum - 3 Jun. Michelangelo's David has been restored - and he's still nude.

Naked News Daily Male Launched - 14 Apr. A new TV show offers news read by naked men - aimed at gay viewers.

Naked campground swinger arrested - 13 Apr. A 60 year old man has been charged with indecent exposure after swinging naked on a rope at the Beaver Creek Campground

Firefighters vie to feature in calendar - 4 Apr. Sth Florida firement will compete in front of 700 eager women for a chance to pose semi-nude for a charity calendar.

Art magazine banned due to cover - 3 Apr. Australian art magazine Artlink features a nude man on the cover, causing US bookstores to insist on a plastic wrapping.

Streaker gets away, footballer doesn't - 26 Mar. A naked man successfully completed his streak, but the player who chased him was sent off.

Naked man arrested in radio stunt - 22 Mar. "Stuntman" stripped in the town centre and was arrested by a policeman in on the joke.

Mayor attacked for nude pose - 11 Mar. An Australian mayor has been criticised because he appeared nude in a charity calendar.

Naked motorist chased by police - 6 Mar. A naked man ran up the motorway following a traffic accident.

Naked bank robbers - 4 Mar. Two thieves operating in Hollywood have used quirky tactics such as nudity in their heists.

Naked vicar show - 29 Feb. A married British Anglican priest has caused an uproar by posting naked pictures of himself on a dating site. Bob Locke posted the photo along with an invitation asking straight women to have sex with him.

Naked cricketers - 17 Feb. Zimbabwean police arrested nine cricketers at the weekend for dancing nude in the rain in the middle of the cricket grounds

Men arrested after naked roadside prank - 12 Feb. They were distracting motorists with sign that said "Honk if you can see my testicles."

Naked man strips in metal detector protest - 11 Feb. The machine went off even when he was nude.

Lineback levels Super Bowl streaker - 1 Feb. Notorious professional streaker Mark Roberts has achieved his biggest streak yet by doing a run at the US Super Bowl. Mark had been dressed as an umpire and made use of his trademark velcro to quickly strip before running onto the field. He was advertising an online gambling service on his front and had the words "Super Bowel" on his back. 

Brit in the buff does his stuff - 23 Jan
Naked Rambler Steve Gough has finally made it to the tip of Scotland, after 7 months of hiking and jail terms. The last leg of his journey was performed naked in freezing temperatures. For more visit the Naked Rambler page.

OK boys, let's get naked again - 18 Jan
A Canadian male strip club has reopened its doors, much to the delight of its many female fans, however the new next door neighbours - a church - aren't as pleased.

Streakers struck by clothes theft - 16 Jan
Three men who made a naked dash through a Washington restaurant ended up being the victims of crime as a thief made off with their car while they were busy inside.

Nude man turns up at airport concourse - 8 Jan

Naked rambler sent back to jail - 7 Jan

Naked man trapped under mountain of books

Artist strips to test religious tolerance
- Argentinean man gets naked in front of churches

Frat brothers strip for study in Manila 

Naked cry against corruption - 15 Dec

Cops nab naked man after sprint through pool

Police find naked man tied to fraternity porch 

DH Lawrence paintings on show for first time in 70 years

Judge strips charges in alleged case of streaking 

Streaker braves chilly China



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