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In the past couple of years there's been a growing urge to see naked men on stage - and particularly to see them singing in musicals.

The hugely popular gay musical Naked Boys Singing! has been a major success on Broadway and other productions have been staged throughout the United States and the world. It's been running for more than seven years now.

The musical doesn't have much of a plot. It is basically just what the title says - Naked Men Singing. They also dance. The show essentially gay in nature, and the men sing about meeting Mr Right and finding true love. There's also a few songs about AIDS and other gay issues. Nonetheless, the show has proved popular with many different social groups, and women are big fans.

Songs include: 'Gratuitous Nudity,' 'Muscle Addiction,' 'Nothin' But the Radio on' and 'Perky Little Porn Star.'

Naked Boys Singing has encountered various censorship during its reign. The Atlanta authorities famously shut one production down in 2004, and the show is completely banned in Puerto Rico.

A musical version of the British film The Full Monty also proved very popular. It played on Broadway and London's West End, finishing it's run there at the end of 2002.

The Full Monty featured a rock soundtrack, and this time the unemployed men-turned-strippers were from New York. The players did get naked during the final, climactic strip scene.

Comedy production 10 Naked Men does not include any singing, but true to form, the actors do get completely naked. The show is about male prostitution in Hollywood; a dour subject given the full comedy treatment.

The last time nudity was closely associated with a musical was with Hair in the sixties. That particular musical earned notoriety for a very brief full frontal nudity group scene at the end of the first act.

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