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Naked Protests Against the War In Iraq

Prior to the start of the Iraq war in early 2003, various protesters let their views be known by getting naked and spelling out the words "Peace" or "No War" with their bodies.

There were a number of protests involving men. A small group of men from Florida spelled out "Peace" and made the peace sign with their bodies on 21 December 2002. (Pictures here.)

In Australia 250 men stripped and spelt out the words "Peace Man" at the beach town of Byron Bay. This followed the major protest by the town's women, when over 700 female protesters let their feelings be known in a similar fashion.

"We were making an ironic comment about the small man syndrome that leads to the need for big guns," said organiser Cameron Sparkes-Carroll.

The first anti-war nude protest occurred in West Marin California, when a small group of naked women lay in the snow and spelled "No Bush". Then the idea spread across the US and around the world. 

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