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Naked Campaigner Upsets BBC

Steve Gough, a nude rights campaigner, was prevented from giving a radio interview to host John Peel because he had entered the BBC offices naked.

Gough (also known as the Naked Rambler) had agreed to discuss nudism with Peel on his Home Truths show. He had cycled naked through the Southhampton city centre in freezing weather, five miles from his home in Eastleigh, and had turned up at the reception of the BBC.

The staff at the desk had already arranged a name badge for him when BBC management arrived, told him the interview was off and ordered him to cover up.

Gough then returned home where he was arrested by police and released on bail.

In October 2002 Gough was charged with indecent exposure when he tried to attend a court hearing at Southhampton in the nude. He had held a sign saying "Being naked is not a crime."

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