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Vincent Bethell - Nude Warrior

Vincent Bethell is a body awareness or nudity campaigner. He has spent years trying to raise society's awareness of nudity and the human right to be nude without fear of persecution.

Vincent is often in the news, mainly because he is regularly arrested after conducting a nude stunt in public to get his message across. 

In one such stunt Vincent and a group of protesters stripped naked outside London's Royal Courts of Justice. On that occasion Vincent scaled a lamp post before removing his clothes and declaring he would stay there for 24 hours. Police got him down and arrested him.

In January 2001 Vincent was unanimously cleared of being a public nuisance. Prior to the hearing he had spent three months in solitary confinement in London's Brixton Prison because he had refused to wear clothes. Vincent said afterwards he was pleased at the jury's decision because it meant he had been tried by members of the public, and they had not found his nudity offensive.

"It's a great success," he told reporters outside the court, "but it will only be a true success when everyone overcomes their fears about their body. Life's too short to be ashamed of the human body and humanity.

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