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For The Girls has been online since 2003. It's the ultimate destination for porn-loving straight women. Also, I own it :) I've put years of my life into making this site the best it can be, everything that I personally want to enjoy in an adult site. There's a wide range of photos and movies showing hetero couples and naked men. Plus an extensive collection of exclusive erotic fiction written for women. On top of that is an entire magazine with articles, columns, sex advice, reviews and lots more.

Adult Videos For Women offers a spectacular compilation of hardcore couples videos and male masturbation movies, all in one place. Stop trawling those crap tube sites and head to the ultimate porn site for women.

Pure Cunnilingus has been freshly revamped with a whole bunch of new movies and thousands of more photos of men going down! This are some of the rarest content in porn. Plus there's heaps of great reading. How do you like to be licked? 

Couples Pleasure Dome features scenes from top quality couples porn films. All the movies on this site have been chosen by ME :) so you know they're going to be high quality, with plots and great sex. The movies are all female and couples-friendly, and you also get access to every other site in the network. That's thousands of great movies! takes a relatively softcore approach to porn. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but I think the strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Sssh employs a team of special writers and thus features a lot of quality writing. If you're curious about sex magic, oral sex or romantic getaways, you'll love this site.

Hetero Male Porn Stars shows off the best looking straight men in porn. Forget those fat hairy ugly guys! This site has the hottest scenes from high quality feature films, with such stars as Nick Manning and Devin Wolf. You also get access to Couples Pleasure Dome and over 140 other movie sites!

Three Pillows is for those who dream of getting it on with two men. This site explores bi-sexual sex without going into the usual cliches of double adapters and such. If you don't mind seeing guys get it on with guys (while women watch) this might be for you. And if you dig the idea of being pleasured by two men who devote all their attention to you... well, go for it!

Pure CFNM is a great clothed-female-naked-male site that's all about ogling and sometimes humiliating guys. All their content is exclusive and I like how they really know their topic.

SG4GE stands for Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. It features good looking straight men having sex with women - but the site is aimed at gay men. Of course, there's no reason why we women can't enjoy it as well.

Fucking Machines turns me on. It's aimed at men, but I know women will love it. The tone is respectful, and it's pure fantasy material. Ever dreamed of being fucked by a machine whose only design is to make you come? If you have, you have to check out the free sample pics.

The Crash Pad Series
This is authentic lesbian content made by and for the queer community. These lovely dykes get it on in every way imaginable and they're all sexy, be they femmes, butches or bois. Top stuff and good to see some real lesbians for once.

Women's Erotica Club is a huge megasite offering quality galleries and movies that women will love - sexy guys masturbating and hardcore fucking. Plus hot erotic fiction and heaps more.

Masturbating Men caters to all those women who love to watch men pleasure themselves. Quality galleries of guys jerking off, plus specially written erotic fiction.


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