Better Sex Guide

You can improve your sex life!

We've got 10 great ways to put some zing into your lovemaking!

1. Enhance your Foreplay

Many couples find porn to be a turn on, but most porn only caters to one sex, and it's often offensive to women.

You'll find a few good porn sites on the net that couples can enjoy. One of these is Kara's Adult Playground, a megasite that many women enjoy. Visit this site together and use it as foreplay, it will make a huge difference in the bedroom!

 2. Introduce Sex Toys into Lovemaking
Women who have trouble orgasming through straight sex (and this is over 50% of us!) usually have better success with a vibrator. But some women still feel nervous about introducing their "special friend" into the relationship. Rest assured, it's a good idea, especially when you explain to your man that it means you can come when making love.

3. Reconsider Adult Videos
If you've been turned off by big hair and too much makeup in regular porn films, you're going to love Candida Royalle's Femme videos. This is a fabulous range of porn films made for women. This means you get high production values, actual storylines and sensual sex which will guarantee you a good night in bed. The films explore female fantasies, and they're always told from a woman's point of view. Well worth checking out. If you want more info about other adult videos, visit Porn Movies for Women.

4. Learn How to Ejaculate

Yes, it's true. Women can ejaculate at the point of orgasm. Except it's not sperm, it's a special fluid similar to prostate fluid, and women report having the most intense orgasms when they ejaculate. You can find out more about the g spot and female ejaculation here.

5. Discover New Positions.
It's easy to fall into a rut and use the same sexual position each time you have sex. This can lead to boredom and subsequent problems in the bedroom.

6. Give Your Lover an Erotic Gift
Spice up an anniversary by giving a naughty present.

.7. Go All Moulin Rouge

Has your man been mesmerised by the Lady Marmalade video featuring 4 women in Moulin Rouge lingerie? Why not get his attention back by getting sexed-up yourself? Surprise him when he comes home by wearing the sexiest lingerie you own, packing on red lipstick and pouting your way around the bedroom?

8. Play Games
Adult games are wonderful for letting go of inhibitions and exploring each other's fantasies. Because the game provides an excuse, it's easier to overcome embarrassment and provides for opportunities to make suggestions you'd never have dared to make before.

Sexy Adult Videos

Candida Royalle's The Gift
When Liz returns to sell her grandmother's home, little does she know that she will leave with the most precious gift one could receive - a gift of sensual love and unleashed passion from the other side of life, one that will heal Liz's troubled relationship, and that of every other couple that encounters it.

Candida Royalle's RevelationsAriel's world is sterile and grey. Creative expression is looked upon with suspicion and sex is only for procreation. Ariel follows the rules as best she can - until one day she makes a discovery that will change her world forever. There, kept alive forever on video tapes secretly made by loving couples, are the lives of those who lived in a different time. What does a woman do when she discovers something she's been denied all her life? What does she do with her sexual awakening in a world where it is forbidden enough to warrant arrest and state imprisonment?

Candida Royalle's excellent collection of adult videos for women can be purchased from Gamelink

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