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The Naked Rambler - the most notorious nudist in Britain

Naked Campaigner Upsets BBC - Steve Gough in an earlier incarnation

Mark Roberts, Professional Streaker - Mark has streaked more than 300 times

Naked Photographer Nabbed - flasher finally arrested.

Naked Protests Against the War In Iraq - which men got naked, and where.

German Nudists at War - "wild nudists" a problem

Vincent Bethell - Nude Warrior - nudity activist

The Naked Art of Spencer Tunick - massive nude "installations" and their photographer

Naked Men Musicals - why naked men singing and dancing is so popular.

Puppetry of the Penis - naked men performing "penis installations

The "Naked Guy, Andrew Martinez - famous nudist from Berkeley, California

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Naked Men in Art - the male nude

When is a Naked Man Photo a Naked Man Photo for Women? - defining women's erotica

Naked Men - Musings about nude men 

Naked Men in Film - Full frontal male nudity in the movies, and why we don't see more of it

Naked Men and Crime - Why Naked Men News doesn't report these stories

Naked Men at Streakerama - a quick page about naked men with links to sites.

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